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    May 15, 2013
    7:00 - 7:31pm PDT  

missing 9-year-old. >> we'll visit her school where teachers and students and parents are dealing with the news. and california's newest state multilottery game. . good evening. it's wednesday, may 15th. thtsthis is bay area news at 7:00. >> three people were found established. >> a woman and a one-year-old child have died. a 3-year-old is in the hospital. >> robert honda is live on view mont avenue where police have issued a photo of interest >> reporter: we are on alum rock avenue in east san jose where you can see in this
neighborhood, there is an expensive search figure on on by the police department, along with san jose police for a man suspected of stabbing and wounding another. >> ruben ramirez, five-foot six, and a relative of the victims and lives in the house where the stabbing occur. >> to give you a view, this is what the investigation and ext extensivu manhunt looks like. >> a family member came home and was horrified to find a very bloody scene inside the home, all three people inside had been established. >> a 4-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene, a 3-year-old female who was transported to a local hospital and a 1-year-old male was pronounced dead at the scene.
>> it is scary, real scary. >> anything could happen. it's beyond comprehension. it's just getting really out of hand. >> i know that there's under cover people around here, but they can't cover everywhere >> reporter: now that neighbor and others were told to leave the area. >> deputy deputies stopped the suspect's brother. >> he will turn 29 tomorrow and deputies want the public health to locate him. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. a woman found dead in a san jose hotel room, there were obvious signs of a struggle on monterrey road after arriving about 1:30 this afternoon, investigators served the area for clues and interviewed
witnesss. >> no word on the woman's identity and no arrests have been made. now to our continuing coverage for a san francisco girl. crews found her body. >> dooifrs low divers located the body in this creek. she was unable to speak wondered away sunday afternoon. >> police say she was left alone for a few minutes leaving a fenced in area of her yard. there were no seen was of trauma and her death appears to be a tragic. >> we continue investigating. >> an autopsy will be done later this week. today's news brought heart ache to those who knew her.
>> we spoke with the administrators about the death >> reporter: classes let out of sunset's elementary school, with a dark cloud hanging over the community. >> it's sad. it really is. >> and you know what? it hits really close to home because she was a student her at sunset elementary. >> the school learned mckayla lynch. >> we're sad about the news today. >> do the kids know her? >> our community's very close and the kids -- the kids are all very close. >> sunset has 400 students. >> it says, quote, this may be disturbing for you and your child, it is for should this reason we want you ton of our care and support. >> there will be a crisiresponso
has feelings around this news. >> as a parent i couldn't fathom that. i'm a parent of two myself, and it's just something unimaginable. >> i can't -- words can't describe how i would feel as a parent. >> although the details have yet to be worked out, the staff and parents plan to come together to help the family any way they can and to honor the students. >> ktvu channel 2 news. you can go to to find out more. >> view a slideshow of photos taken during the search under our images tab. a 12-year-old boy accused of killing his sister made his first court appearance today. >> attorneys his his parents support their son despite of what he's accused of. 8-year-old leila fowler was established at the family's home april 27th. >> the charges include second degree murder. >> the judge told the boy he
could be held until the age of 23 if found guilt. happening now, the count down to tonight's massive powerball drawing, a winning ticket could be worth $360 million. >> we're out of luck if you haven't brought your ticket yet? >> reporter: yeah, powerball started in california on april 10th and there hasn't been a winner anywhere, which mean this is jackpot has continued to grow to the point people stood in line here. >> the line stretched just for a chance to get one of these. >> what would you do with $360 million? >> oakland's china town is a place where the images, flavors, writing and sounds are foreign to many, but there is a universal language. >> powerball. >> i will try my luck.
>> you never know. >> the promise of 3$60 million has those who dear to dream, dreaming big. >> i would not want that amount to myself. >> would be happy to share. >> i think 20 million would do me. >> thank you. this is the winning ticket. >> this store in oakland's china town has had five fantasy winners. >> i hope i sell the jackpot winning ticket. >> it's going to be my dream come true. >> there's also a line at this store in san lorenzo. >> we had people coming all the way from san jose. >> they've had five super lotto winners here. >> and what could be luckier than buying your powerball ticket from a cashier named patricianiapa t
ashgs -- patricia power. >> can either look at it as i lost my chance to $360 million, or save two bucks. >> ktvu channel 2 news. the redwood city fire department says this morning's apartment fire had people running for their lives is being investigated as arson. you can see those flames across the street from fair oaks elementary. >> all six units were damaged. >> two suffered injurys. >> firefighters say the fire started in the carport behind had the building and went to the attic. >> i grabbed my pets and everything that -- you know valuable and i pretty much ran out. the cause is under investigation.
a 71-year-old woman was killed when police say she was hit by an impaired driver. >> judy grant wood was grassing this street about 8:15 this morning. >> police arrested the 43-year-old driver on vehicular manslaughter. she says the aunt that was with her still doesn't know. >> today, parents volunteered after the death of aileen. >> her 2-year-old sister and her aunt were hit by a silver suv. >> the 20-year-old driver was questioned and release. >> police say they need to speak with the aunt who remains under sedation who to conclude their investigation. president obama honored 143 fallen police officers including one from the
annual police officer memorial. >> we can never repay our debt to these officers and their families. >> we must do what we can with all that we have to live our lives in a way that pays tribute to their memory. >> all of the officer who is died in the line of duty last year had their names in subscribed on a memorial wall this week. 35 war veterans are about to get the honors they reserved after being unclaimed for decades. the ashes were stored at santa rosa memorial park, some of them for generations. >> they served in world war 1 and 2, and viet nam. >> next monday, the veterans will be buried at the national cemetery in dixon with full
military honors, including a 21 gun absolute. caltrain plans to spoke the bolts in saltwater and stretch them, then see if any cracks develop. >> in they don't, the bolts might be deemed safe and left in place. >> some older bolts will have to be replaced or bypassed with the tie down saddle system. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency. president obama takes action to address the irs scandal. call them the killer frogs of san francisco. we'll tell you why they're under lock and key and why their home is under siege. few my clouds approaching the bay area right now. >> we could be be dodging a few raindrops. >> coming up we'll break down rain chances and i'll let you know which direction temperatures well be heading this weekend.
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. former football star oj simpson took the stand today to make his case for a new trial. >> simpson was accused of robbing memrobelia dealers. >> he's making a request for a new trial. go to our hot topics section to view unedited video. the acting video of the internal revenue service. >> the resignation was requested and received. >> mike emanuel reports
>> reporter: president obamas the misconduct outlined in a report is inexcusable. >> given the power that it has, i will not take it. >> for singling out conservative groups will be held accountable. >> after meeting with his treasury second, assist decisions were made. >> the president's remarks this evening come after days of growing criticism in attacks on the administration about the irs scandal. >> my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is whose going to jail over this scandal. the irs actions and the justice department seizing of two months of phone records at the associated press were top agenda items has prosecutors tested eric holder.
>> they required the secret gathering of telephone records and he has refused himself from the investigate. >> we have confirmed the deputy was the one who authorized these subpoenas. >> and this evening after months of dust you ups with republicans days after the attack on the u.s. consulate, detailing how the government let out the talking point. >> they're likely to raise even more and president obama will be asked about benghazi, the irs, and the phone scandals in a press conference thursday. >> washington, craig boss well. there are new sign it is tonight, according to the md data quick, bay area home prices jumped 17% in april, that puts the median price in the nine bay eaoup 31% from last year. this is first time prices have surpassed that in five years.
the dow hit another all time high on a gain of 60 points closing at 15,275. the nasdaq inched up a couple points. cisco of san jose had positive numbers. the networking equipment company said its net income rose 14% thanks to state government and local spend. >> cisco is one of the largest tech companies in the world. >> they sold close to $23. >> according to the transportation department, more people who choose to fly in march weren't able to get to their destinations on time, but fewer of them complained about it. >> the government said today fewer flights arrived on time and more were are cancelled in march than a year ago. >> hawaii an airlines had wovrt worst. >> down from 82% from the same
period last year. >> around, the number of passengers lodging formal complaints against the airlines was down by 16% from last march. >> to the sacramento kings, they can celebrate tonight. >> today, nba owners voted to reject a proposal to move the kings to seattle. >> they want to keep the franchise in sacramento. >> bay area scientists announced a above baffling disease killing off kill are frogs. >> state and local officials are trying to eliminate them from golden gate park's lily pond, using old-fashioned hand trapping, these invasive african
claude frogs caught in the pond tested positive for a killer if you think us wiping out native species. >> millions of frogs dying in ways we've never seen before. >> san francisco state identified the fungus called kitrid, a parasite from africa. >> it road on claude frogs brought to america for research. >> they got out, so did the fungus. >> the yellowy legged frog and 40% of all frogs being distinct in three deck eights. >> each one of these specimens is a record of that date and time. >> they don't even show signs of a disease and yet they're
infected. >> he told me he found this, specialized bacteria that kills the fungus. >> researchers are now considering releasing the bacteria on into the wild to protect native frogs. >> you can help by never releasing any nonnative frog or salamander. google is hosting its conference in san francisco, alonging the mountain view company to showcase its latest services for online games and improvements to its google plus social met york. >> the audience of about six thousand people included engineering and application developers. >> this event continues through friday. google also unveiled its all
access music service today. >> for $10 a month, andriod and iphone users will be able to compete with other phone music services. angelina jolie say the series of operations she had in dur indured. and we'll tell you about our chance of showers tomorrow.
. the winds that swept through parts of the bay area last one significant problem behind, this 100-year-old tree toppled in castro valley. it was in the yard in a home on talbot lane. it crushed a car on the street. that's right, big drop off, about five to ten degrees. >> you probably fest those coast side. >> we could be dodging a few rain showers. >> as far as temperatures for today, they range from the chilly upper 50s toward pacific a, and a few low 80s out toward antioch this afternoon. >> you can see this on live
tracker 2. >> the recent image up toward crescent city. >> first now, we just have partly cloudy skies, even a few -- mostly clear observations, as well. >> as far as current temperatures updated for your 7:00 hour, as far as the wind speed, you can see sfo, that is strong, sustained 37 miles an hour out toward napa, and san jose, 10 miles an hour. >> clouds will continue to be on the increase, some gusty winds there is that chance for a shower tomorrow. >> the weekend, no rain threaten. >> temperatures do warm up nicely especially by sunday. >> overnight lows will be in the upper 40s to lots of 50s on the forecast maps out toward santa rosa, fremont and san jose, 54. >> here is the eventual track. can you count on more cloud cover and the possibility of
some drizzle or a few light rain showers. >> here's our forecast model picks up on the cloud cover. >> you can see what i mean at 9:00 and 10:00. >> this is enough to wet the roadways. forecast highs mainly in the 60s and 70s. >> san jose will go 68 degrees, downtown san francisco only in the upper 50, and a look ahead there's we do warm up back in time for the background. new detail as are emerging about angelina jolie's preventative surgery. >> she says she carries a gene that left her with an 87% of contracting the breast cancer. >> she had three operations in all, the last just more than three weeks ago. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you
the next time news breaks. >> our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight we're following that manhunt underway in san jose, plus some significant changes coming to bay to breakers on sunday. >> we're always here for you at, tmz is up here next on #26 36 -- tv 36 blapdz look at 'em.
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